My Top 10 Films Of 2014: Part Two


Alright, here we go. Same rules apply as in part one, only this time, it’s part two!

Here are my five favorite films of 2014:

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My Top 10 Films Of 2014: Part One


I’m late to the program, I know—Mr. Turner (above) is not pleased with me. It’s currently January 24, 2015. Why haven’t I gotten my Top Ten of 2014 list together sooner? I have no excuses, but please, don’t hold that against me.

A few notes about this (half) list before I continue on:

  • While the creation of Top Ten lists coincide with the announcement of cinema’s biggest awards (Golden Globes, Oscars, the various Guilds), I am not going to take those into consideration. Spoiler alert: my number one film is the subject of much Oscar buzz and discussion following a disappointing nomination tally. However, I’d like to think my adoration of the film craft extends beyond the HFPA and Academy’s (often incorrect) decision-making, and my appreciation/disdain thereafter.
  • I do not keep a definitive list going all year long, therefore I am likely to make revisions when I realize I’ve left a masterpiece off of here.
  • There are no documentaries on this list. Why? Because I did not see many documentaries this year. I am kicking myself for missing gems like Life Itself. Hey, we all have to recognize our blind spots, right?

Alright, here it is. My late-to-the-game, non-influential, and totally subjective Top Ten Films of 2014 (Part One):

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