Back in the Blogging Saddle: What’d I Miss?


I’m almost as happy to get back to writing as Therese was when she met Carol *sigh*

I’m back, and boy does that make me happy.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make time for the things you love, especially in moments of intense transition. The last nine months (it really hasn’t felt that long!) have seen me working my first 9-5 job, adjusting to a new city, singing in and volunteering with the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, donning drag for the first time, and making countless friends along the way.

There have also been plenty of movies. I’ve devoted more time, in fact, to good old-fashioned cinema-going in Philadelphia than I had in previous years, thanks in part to cheaper ticket prices (I’m still milking my NYU student ID card for all its worth) and in part to Cinema Salon, a wonderful film discussion group I’ve joined here.

So, what have I seen? What’d I think of the Oscars? Did the right queen win season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race? These are the important questions in life, no? Let’s play catch-up. Continue reading


20 Years of Pixar: Ranking the Best, From ‘Inside Out’ to ‘Toy Story’


Pixar is an institution. There’s no doubt about it. The animation studio, arguably the most successful branch of the all-powerful Disney enterprise, just released its fifteenth film in twenty years, and most of those have been commercial and critical smash hits.

Beginning with Toy Story, winding through A Bug’s Life and Monsters, Inc., serving up some Ratatouille, all the while working hard to find Nemo, and chugging past Wall-E and Up, the Pixar brain trust have shared their collective Trains of Thought (a la 2015’s Inside Out) with the world. And oh, what a journey it has been.

The technology has improved exponentially, leading to ever-more visually arresting imagery, and surely a greater return on the complex, creative visions of Pixar’s directing team. The stories, too, have developed, and at their best they are evocative explorations of issues faced by viewers young and old alike. The best part? With a heavy slate of original films on the way—including The Good Dinosaur this Thanksgiving—Pixar’s engine is far from burnt out.

While many are apt to take on the entire Pixar canon when doing a subjective ranking, it seems to me an overwhelming task. Instead, I’d like to take a look at what I call top-tier Pixar. For me, these are the absolute best films that this illustrious studio has crafted. No, you won’t find Up here, or Toy Story 2, and it’s simply because they didn’t strike me the way others have (though they each contain particularly emotional, satisfying passages). What you will find is a list of seven incredible films that rank as some of the best of the past twenty years. Whether they follow small fish in a massive ocean, or larger-than-life superheroes, or even sewer-dwelling rats, Pixar has invested these films with thematic heft and visual splendor beyond what most others achieve, animated or otherwise.

Let’s not dilly-dally any longer… Continue reading