Fear Not: I Promise I Didn’t Quit Film!


Don’t worry! Relax!

It may have seemed otherwise the last couple of months, but film is still very much a part of my life. Though I abandoned the site—an inter-state move and job complications proved rather more time consuming than anticipated—I continued to see amazing cinema on a semi-regular basis.

And, contrary to popular belief (and this incredible bad lip reading parody that I can’t help but share), the Republican debate was not the most entertaining pop cultural moment of the summer. Given the dearth of surprisingly great flicks gracing the silver screen over the past weeks, it would be hard to come up with just one title that impressed the most.

Amy was heartbreaking and re-introduced me to an incredible artist; Love and Mercy featured some of the best acting of the year, including a stellar star turn from Elizabeth Banks, and gave a fresh take on the musical biopic; Trainwreck and Spy were both inspired and naughty female-driven comedic gems; and don’t even get me started on Phoenix, a gorgeously-wrought, daringly frustrating look at post-World War II German life. (Don’t worry, I’ll  have reviews up for most of these soon!)

Now, I hope you’ll regain faith and join me once more in our cinematic adventures! In the coming months I’ll be exploring cinema classics, new releases, the ramp up to awards season, inside industry news, and more—and your comments and input will make it all that much better.

Fear not: Never in my right mind would I wish to quit film, and I hope you feel the same way.


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